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What is VarpSpeed?

We provide a service to keep your system(s) running at warp speed.  The combined set of tools aims to prevent problems before they impact your business or personal digital life.  Our response to any problems is also at warp speed — we're here to serve you.

How We’re Different

  1. We don't wait until it’s broken.  Our monitoring helps alert us of problems before they bring your system to a grinding halt.  We can work proactively during the day, or wait until off-hours to avoid disrupting your work.
  2. We’re American-made.  We speak English unlike many outsourced companies.  As Americans, we are proud of our work which is reflected in your quality of service.
  3. With the monitoring and management, our response time is very quick if there is a problem to minimize any downtime.

Remote Assistance

Using TeamViewer, we provide remote support when you need it.

Monitoring and Maintenance

ITBrain integrates with TeamViewer to alert of potential problems so we can fix them before they become a problem for you.  The ITBrain service also includes ITBrain Antimalware to replace the AV product you're paying for — at no additional cost.

Network Security

OpenDNS provides for content filtering and advanced threat termination by intercepting malware's attempts to “phone home” for instructions.  If there is an infection, OpenDNS will help stop it in its tracks.

Enhanced Malware Protection

ESET Security is world-class endpoint protection available for an additional charge.

On-site Support for Repairs and Replacements

We also offer on-site Technician Support in selected markets

Pricing and the Fine Print

Please see this PDF for our current coverage and pricing.

Check back often as we populate this site with our IT offerings for the individual and small business.

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